DripStat has a simple, but ambitious goal – to help you make better software.

Our service helps you analyze every little aspect of your software. Its helps not just to spot performance problems, but also to debug errors, make better architectural decisions, save on infrastructure and development costs. Better software results in you ultimately being able to better serve your customers.

Building for the long term


Although we are located in Silicon Valley, we don’t want to play the typical Silicon Valley game. Remaining bootstrapped has allowed us to build a company for the long term. It allows us to make the right product for our customers and delivering it at the best prices. We don’t force you to lock into any annual contracts and you don’t need to haggle with sales people to buy our product.


Product First

We let our product do the talking. Most companies pour majority of their budget into Sales and Marketing. We put it in our product. We believe products are what companies should produce, not ads for the product.

Epic Support

Our customers use us to monitor their critical business infrastructure. They can rely on having their back at all times. All our paid plans come with 24x7 support. You can even directly get in touch with the engineering team through our support.

No Haggling With Sales

No one like haggling with a sales person or being forced to sign annual contracts. We offer pay-as-you-go pricing plans so you can start using DripStat without talking to anyone. That said, we do recognize that large enterprises do require a human to go through their complex purchase processes, and we do offer an account manager in those cases if needed.

By Developers, For Developers

Our product is ultimately used by software developers. Being software developers ourselves, we have designed the entire experience of DripStat, from product, to support, to purchasing, to be developer friendly.


989 E Hillsdale
Suite 200
Foster City, CA 94404