Dripstat APM

Dynamic Application Metrics

Application metrics can be filtered, split and grouped. For example, you can breakdown the response time and throughput by each instance of your application.

Separate Sync and Async Metrics

Dripstat knows the difference between Sync and Async calls in your application. Async calls are displayed separately in a different graph allowing you to get a better picture of how they impact individual transactions.

On Demand Dynamic Reports

Trends and Scalability Reports are generated fully dynamically, in realtime, for any metric, with any set of filters and groupings.

100% data. Not just sampled traces

Unlike many APM solutions, we collect 100% of the metrics. We don't just operate on sampled trace data.

Line of code detail

Traces that we do collect have full stack trace information in them to pinpoint line of code root cause

Full timeline metrics, not just static graphs

Instead of showing you a static graph of communication between your services, we show a full timeline that you can slice and dice.

JVM metrics down to individual GC Pause

All JVM Metrics are collected, down to individual GC Pauses and the time of each Pause.

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