Dripstat Infra

Metric Integrations

Integrations with every infrastructure software you use. New ones added every week

Server Monitoring

Live Server metrics. Slice and dice and combine across any dimension. Full knowledge of cloud metadata, including AWS tags, zones, regions, instance types, etc.

Kubernetes Monitoring

Extremely detailed Kubernetes Monitoring shows you not just metrics but also the entire state of your Kubernetes cluster. See the metrics and state change in realtime as you deploy applications and make changes to your cluster.
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Storage Monitoring

Metrics for all the storage attached to your servers. One panel to query and see state of all your storage infrastructure.

Inventory Monitoring

What systemd services are enabled on your infrastructure? What is the model of the Intel processor? What is the Linux kernel version? What version of rpm package is installed? Answers to all these questions and more with Inventory Monitoring. One place to view the entire configuration of all your infrastructure.

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