Dripstat Kubernetes Monitoring

Single place for everything Kubernetes

Dripstat Kubernetes removes the need to use multiple tools like 'kubectl' and 'kube-dashboard'. It shows you both the live state and metrics for everything in your cluster.

Live State Change of every entity

View state change of all your Kubernetes entities in real time. Deploying a pod? See the state change of the deployment, individual pod and individual containers in real time.

Exploratory analytics to answer complex questions

What is the resources usage per namespace? How much memory is spent in Deployments vs Daemonsets for a particular namespace? How much CPU do my helm workloads take? Our interactive slice n dice interface allows you to answer complex questions about your cluster instantly.

At a glance view of entire cluster

What number of Pods are in error state? What workloads are in process of deployment? What is the Kubelet version of this node? Manage large clusters easily

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