NewRelic vs Dripstat

Supported Languages
Others Coming Soon
Java, NodeJs, Go
Python, Ruby, .Net
Pre instrumented frameworks
Open Tracing support
Application Error Rate
Response Time broken down by Service
Metrics per endpoint
Traces with stacktraces, db statements & err msgs
JVM Metrics
Java Profiler
Deployment History
Application Environment View
Application Dependency View
Per Application Error metrics
Cross Application Error metrics
Per Transaction Error Metrics
Split metrics per instance
Timeline metrics of individual callers to external service/database statements
Cross Application Timeline metrics
Per Application Caller timeline of each endpoint
Cross Application filterable error view
Cross Application filterable error view
Dynamic Scalability Report per metric
Dynamic Trends Report per metric
Dynamic Cross Service Trend Report for Application and Endpoint Metrics
Timeseries view of custom metrics
Separate Graphs for Async and Sync Metrics
Metric Resolution
2 second
5 second
Server Monitoring
Storage Monitoring
Process Monitoring
Inventory Monitoring
All the major ones &
new ones every week
Container Metrics
Pod State Change view
Filterable Dimensions
Node Metrics
Grouped Pod Metrics
Workload Metrics
Arbitrary slice and dice of Container Metrics
Live Detailed State Change of Kubernetes Entities
Detailed Configuration Data of Individual Entities
Groupable Timeseries metrics of Entities
Detailed list of containers per node
Node timeseries metrics split by node pool
Pod timeseries metrics by namespace, node pool, or workload type
Workload timeseries metrics split by pod
Pod timeseries metrics split by Containers
Endpoint configuration data
ConfigMap and Secret configuration data
Services configuration data
Detailed Per node configuration and metric data
See more than 2 timeseries container metrics at a time