Lowest Price Guarantee

If you want more, you gotta pay less

Choosing vendor and got price quote?

50% off their quote

Got a price quote from any APM vendor like Datadog or NewRelic? We will give you a competing quote with 50% lower price than theirs.


You have a quote from Datadog for 100 hosts (APM and/or Infra) for $10k/year.

We will give you the same 100 hosts for $5k/year (50% off).

Existing cutomer of Datadog or NewRelic?

100% Free till contract expiry & 50% off 1 year after

For existing users of Datadog or NewRelic, you get both:

  1. 100% Free Dripstat till your contract with those vendors expires
  2. Additional 50% discount for 1 year, after your contract expires

Say you have a contract with Datadog through June 2020. You contact Dripstat in Nov 2019. You get both:

  • 100% Free Dripstat till June 2020 (till contract with Datadog)
  • After June 2020, 50% off price of Dripstat till June 2021


Per host pricing. Unlimited Containers & Application Instances per host.

Instance Size

Annual Price

Pay as you go price

Small (<= 5GB RAM)
$0.06 per hour (~$40/month)
Medium (<= 10GB RAM)
$0.11 per hour (~$80/month)
Large (> 10GB RAM)
$0.17 per hour (~$120/month)


Per host pricing. Kubernetes Monitoring is part of Dripstat Infra.

Annual Price

Pay as you go price

$0.015 per hour (~$10/month)