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"We tried other products... but DripStat was the best"

See Across your

Get the total picture. Traditional APMs
only allow seeing data 1 Application at
a time. DripStat goes beyond that,
allowing you to slice n dice data across
all your apps in real time, giving you
unseen levels of visibility

Security and Privacy

DripStat is used by some of the world’s
largest companies across sectors like
health, finance, journalism, which have
extreme requirements around security and
privacy of their data. Feel free to contact
us if you have any concerns.

Extreme Detail

DripStat offers an unprecendented level
of detail in your running code, unlike any
you have seen in any other APM
solutions. We even have the widest
range of supported Databases and
Frameworks out of the box.

AWS metrics from the
Application level

DripStat goes beyond AWS Cloudwatch metrics and shows you the calls to AWS services from the application level, giving you a much more accurate picture of how your applications are interacting with AWS services.

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