DripStat Pro Pricing

Pay based on the size of your instance. The smaller the instance, the less you pay.
Choose between Annual License or Pay as you Go License.

If you use the cloud, Pay as you Go is the best option, since you are billed hourly, just
like the rest of your cloud instances.

Instance Size Annual Pay as you Go
Small (<= 5GB RAM) $30/month $0.06 per hour (~$40/month)
Medium (<= 10GB RAM) $60/month $0.11 per hour (~$80/month)
Large (> 10GB RAM) $100/month $0.17 per hour (~$120/month)

Docker instances show up as individual hosts (since Docker hides the underlying guest host), and are charged based on the memory allocated to the docker instance.


1 Hour data retention

Free forever

  • Application Stats
  • Transactions
  • Environment details


90 Day data retention

Unlimited JVMs per Host

Everything in Lite and:

  • Transaction Traces
  • Exception Tracking
  • JVM Profiler
  • Detailed JVM Stats
  • Slow SQL Queries
  • Dynamically Generated Reports
  • Deployment Tracking
  • Scalability Analysis

And much, much more...