Planet Scale Ingestion

Dripstat can ingest terabytes of data per second and make it available for querying right away, without any extra seconds of delay.

Low memory overhead of agents

Since collected data is flushed away instantly, its not occupying memory in your application. This results in our agents having the lowest overhead out there.

No intermediate satellite agents

A lot of vendors require you to setup intermediate satellite agents where data is first sent and collected before being sent to their servers. This results in additional setup and resources required on your end. Dripstat has no such requirement. A single agent is all you need, making it operationally easier to setup.

See the state of your entire infrastructure in real time

High resolution data is most valuable when it is the most current. Older data is typically viewed at aggregated, lower resolutions anyway. Having high resolution data available instantly for query on ingestion, lets you view your entire infrastructure in true real time.